Anyone can become a web developer

With WordPress even a non-programmer can setup a good functioning web application nowadays. All that you need is a CMS WordPress installed and a ready template theme plus some plugins to enhance your website. No more writing application codes from scratch like the old days, just use CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress to get ready and launch your web application.
If you understand PHP coding it would really make the job easier but in WordPress there are a lots of shortcodes to make things simpler.
Explanation in words sometimes does not give the right picture to newbies and non-programmer users. People usually said that a picture worth a thousand words. How about a video clip with audio and subtitles not to mention a moving pointer showing what is the explanation is all about. Would this video clip worth a thousand of static pictures?
In for example, people don't just entertain themselves with funny videos, some people do learning through video tutorial for designing, programming, hardware technical and review, dancing, fishing, sports, fixing stuffs and so much much more.
Here we can learn about wordpress core function, various themes each for different purposes, plugins to enhance your website security, memberships and so many others. The beauty of WordPress is that so many developers support it to make your life easier and experience the easiness in WordPress.

How to Set up a Self-Hosted – home computer – dynamic IP WordPress Site

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First of all, Set Up Your Hostname Most internet home users do not have a static (fixed) IP address on their ISP subscription. With dynamic IP address we need to use dynamic DNS service such as to p...

Launching a blog website

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Five steps to do this: Get a host. A web host is where your website “lives.” You own it, but you pay a small fee to keep it online, usually less than $3.95/month. Most web hosts on the Internet offer excellent, 24/...

Top 15 Free Web Hosting WordPress-capable sites

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The following list of the top 15 free hosting providers that we’d recommend to consider using to host your free web site, weblog, community forums, image gallery, etc. (PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Free ...

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