First of all,

Set Up Your Hostname

    Most internet home users do not have a static (fixed) IP address on their ISP subscription. With dynamic IP address we need to use dynamic DNS service such as to point at our hostname correctly every time the IP address changes. This can be done by using a client application (here) or a build-in client inside a router.

    Free DDNS service : using a subdomain with limited choices
    Plus Managed DNS service : $24.95/year using your own domain name
    View package here

Set Up Your Network

    Check your home computer IP address using ipconfig at command prompt. Open your router configuration to assign port-forwarding on port 80 to your home computer IP address at port 80 also. This will establish a direction connection between the home computer and the internet by its hostname.

Set Up Your Application Server

    The most simple installation would be using and ‘voila’. Now you are ready to do blogging or extend your wordpress to become web application for e-commerce, forum, video streaming, auction, job listing, rental or any site which suits for your needs.
    Otherwise you can do this the conventional way :
    – install apache web server
    – install PHP 5+
    – install MySQL or MariaDB
    – install WordPress

Good luck and be happy


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